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Rewind to 2013 in Hanover, PA and you might have seen a small shed on the side of the road with a picnic table flipped on its side. That table was painted with black chalk board paint, and became a sign that could change everyday to promote a small beef jerky business started by an 18 year old. That business is still around and will be celebrating 6 years in business this November. That business needed that shed. The low risk, high reward setup created stability that allowed Dakotah Moses and the Moses Family to take a chance. Small business is hard! We're here to pass on what we've learned, what worked for us, what we wished we had done, and what we regret doing. We're gonna be there to go to bat for you because that's what will help us too. Here's your opportunity to take a chance; bet on our team because its easier when you're not alone.

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